Cartridge Heater

Offering you a complete choice of products which include SS Cartridge Heater and Brass Cartridge Heater

SS, Brass, High Density Cartridge Heater Manufacturer in India

RTD Temperature Sensor

SS Cartridge Heater

• Power : as per requirement
RTD Temperature Sensor

Brass Cartridge Heater

• Power : as per requirement
• Size : as per requirement
RTD Temperature Sensor

High Density Cartridge Heater

• SS & Brass High Watt Density Cartridge Heater
• 230 V, 100 W, 500 W, 750 W, 1000 W


Cartridge heater

It is a ring shaped heating tool mainly used to heat metals or machinery and mould them in a required shape. This device can easily fit into holes for the purpose of grilling. Coil,sheath and insulation form an integral and important part in making such machines,of course,the lead wire type and density are also considered to be of main significance in constructing this type. They are also used as liquid immersion heaters. Following are the applications performed :

  • • Molding of rubber and rubber products.
  • • Welding plastic machines and plastic materials.
  • • Used in food production industries
  • • Printers with 3d technology.
  • • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • • For servicing in the casting industries.