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These are round shaped components used to protect the sensors. To be precise, it consists of a pipe closed at one end and interlaced at the other end. A thermowell acts as an obstacle between a process intermediate and the element of a temperature measuring device. These tools can be manufactured with a wide mixture of materials, dependent upon the atmosphere and thermal reading of the application. Generally, for many functions stainless steel is used as the appropriate metal.In many circumstances, the materials required to manufacture include a combination of a variety of metals and alloys. For applications with low pressure and temperature Teflon is used to make a thermowell. In cases where , acoustic vibrations are involved in the process each piece of equipment and attachments must be delicately examined. In piping systems, thermowells are installed and subject to hydraulic processes.

Some advantages associated with the working are the increased serviceability it provides to evaluate a number of applications. It is quite cost-effective, once installed it can be utilized for a long time. Expenses to be incurred on the repair of the device are minimized. There are certain disadvantages connected with the use of this tool like the reaction to varied temperature conditions showed by this device is not that good. Many a time it may show incorrect temperature measurements.