Furnace Thermocouple

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Furnace Thermocouple

• K Type Thermocouple, Range : 1200 Deg C


The thermo couple is a safety instrument on age old furnaces that tell the gas control valve whether the pilot light is burning. A round-shaped heat sensor is present below the pilot flame where it sends signals in the form of voltage to main gas line. The major function of this instrument is to measure temperature. Generally, a furnace thermocouple may last upto 10 years depending upon the use made. It is important to tighten the thermocouple nut with a spanner, but, one must take care that more force should not be used to tighten the nut, as it may have issues with the lighting the pilot. In case, of any issues the thermocouple needs to be replaced completely. Ususally, it is understood that heating systems are simple for maintainence ,but, for this the operation part of the furnace needs proper attention. The cost to replace a thermocouple is high depending upon the utilization of the same. The primary benefit of a thermocouple lies in the fact that it can handle shocks and vibrations with ease. Response of this device is quick and it is self powered. It can handle a temperature range from -400°F to 4200°F. The demerits include the accuracy level displayed as the results shown would not be upto the mark.